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CKA Kubernetes Administrator exam info 2022

Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA)


     CKA Exam Model Paper 2022 V1.24

EXAM Cost = $395


Book exam using website: linuxfoundation.org


About This Certification:


CKA was created by The Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a part of their ongoing effort

to help develop the Kubernetes ecosystem. The exam is an online, proctored, performance-based test that requires solving multiple

tasks from a command line running Kubernetes.


Domains & Competencies:

Storage 10%


Understand storage classes, persistent volumes

Understand volume mode, access modes and reclaim policies for volumes

Understand persistent volume claims primitive

Know how to configure applications with persistent storage


Troubleshooting 30%


Evaluate cluster and node logging

Understand how to monitor applications

Manage container stdout & stderr logs

Troubleshoot application failure

Troubleshoot cluster component failure

Troubleshoot networking


Workloads & Scheduling 15%


Understand deployments and how to perform rolling update and rollbacks

Use ConfigMaps and Secrets to configure applications

Know how to scale applications

Understand the primitives used to create robust, self-healing, application deployments

Understand how resource limits can affect Pod scheduling

Awareness of manifest management and common templating tools


Cluster Architecture, Installation & Configuration 25%


Manage role based access control (RBAC)

Use Kubeadm to install a basic cluster

Manage a highly-available Kubernetes cluster

Provision underlying infrastructure to deploy a Kubernetes cluster

Perform a version upgrade on a Kubernetes cluster using Kubeadm

Implement etcd backup and restore


Services & Networking 20%


Understand host networking configuration on the cluster nodes

Understand connectivity between Pods

Understand ClusterIP, NodePort, LoadBalancer service types and endpoints

Know how to use Ingress controllers and Ingress resources

Know how to configure and use CoreDNS

Choose an appropriate container network interface plugin



Exam Details & Resources:


This exam is an online, proctored, performance-based test that requires solving multiple tasks from a command line running Kubernetes.

Candidates have 2 hours to complete the tasks.


Candidates who register for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam will have 2 attempts (per exam registration) to an exam simulator.


The exams are delivered online and consist of performance-based tasks (problems) to be solved on the command line running Linux.

The exams consist of 15-20 performance-based tasks.

Candidates have 2 hours to complete the CKA exam.

The exams are proctored remotely via streaming audio, video, and screen sharing feeds.

Results will be emailed 24 hours from the time that the exam is completed.




Exam Technical Instructions:


Root privileges can be obtained by running 'sudo −i'.

You must NOT reboot the base node (hostname node-1). Rebooting the base node will NOT restart your exam environment.

Do not stop or tamper with the certerminal process as this will END YOUR EXAM SESSION.

Do not block incoming ports 8080/tcp, 4505/tcp and 4506/tcp. This includes firewall rules that are found within the distribution's default firewall configuration files as well as interactive firewall commands.


The Terminal (Terminal Emulator Application) is a Linux Terminal; to copy & paste within the Linux Terminal you need to use LINUX shortcuts:

Copy  = Ctrl+SHIFT+C (inside the terminal)

Paste = Ctrl+SHIFT+V (inside the terminal)

OR Use the Right Click Context Menu and select Copy or Paste



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