Friday, April 11

Difference between UNIX & WINDOWS



1. Unix is Multi -User O/S

1. Windows is Multi -User O/S
2. Unix is Multi -Tasking O/S

2. It is also Multi -Tasking O/S
3. To boot the unix o/s 2MB RAM is enough.

3. To boot the windows o/s 12MB RAM is required.
4. UNIX is process based concept

4. It is thread based concept
5. In UNIX, any user process is killed, it will not effect the other users.

5. It effect to all users.
6. Can run more than 1,00,000 transactions per minute 

6. Maximum 80,000 transactions per minute.
7. There is no limit for number of users working with the server.

7. Limited users.
8. UNIX is an open system

8. Closed system
9. UNIX is a portable O/S

9. No portability
10. UNIX provide the programming facility

10. No programming facility
11. It is CUI (Character User Interface)

11. It is GUI (Graphical User Interface)
12. UNIX is not a user friendly 

12. It is user friendly

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