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Difference between Gnome and KDE Desktop Systems

GNOME and KDE is the GUI (graphics user interface) or can be called Desktop environtment. One of the functions of the GUI is easy our users to access applications on linux. Then what is the difference from the GNOME and KDE? The differences between the two is very simple. GNOME is the GUI of Ubuntu while KDE is the GUI of Kubuntu.


 In UNIX/LINUX platform GNOME and KDE are some of the default desktops to execute the task,  but there are some differences between these two desktops.


1. In August 1997 Miguel de Icaza meliris a GUI with the name of the GNOME (GNU Network ObjectModel Environment)

1.KDE stands for K Desktop Environmet. Released by Matthias Ettrich on October 14, 1996.
2. GNOME is the GUI of  Ubuntu.

2. KDE is the GUI of Kubuntu.
3. This is a default desktop at all Redhat o/s's
3. This desktop will be effect after selecting it manually from

4. It contains less applications

4. It contains more applications
5.It works fast

5. It works slow

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