Monday, February 17

TeamViewer 9 installation in Linux RHEL/CentOS


 TeamViewer is one of the most popular software application used to connect to any computer or server around the world in just a few seconds. It's many features include desktop sharing ,remote assistant,transferring files between computers, web conferencing and online meetings.You can even access a computer running TeamViewer with a web browser!

TeamViewer is compatible with Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS.

Install TeamViewer 9 in Linux

Download rpm Package of TeamViewer teamviewer_linux.rpm

Start the installation, first go to the directory from where you have downloaded package and install using yum command

[root@bsrtech opt]# wget

[root@bsrtech opt]# yum install teamviewer_linux.rpm

To start TeamViewer run this command

[root@bsrtech opt]# teamviewer &


Go to Applications -> Internet -> TeamViewer


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  1. or you can just download the .rpm file from teamviewer website and double click it


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