Monday, January 27

Check Running Services in Linux RHEL/CentOS


Many ways to check the services in linux machines (Redhat/CentOS/Fedora),in this post we will discuss how to see all running and stopped services like services.msc file in WINDOWS.

To see the all services

        #service --status-all

       # service --status-all | less

       # service --status-all | grep vsftpd

To see status of particular service

       # service httpd status

To start the service

       # service httpd start

To stop the service

      # service httpd stop

To restart the service

      # service httpd restart

To see the top running services using top command

       # top



You can see specific user top services

       # top -u <username>

To see all known service (status with runlevels)

       # chkconfig --list

Chkconfig command is used to setup, view, or change services that are configured to start automatically during the system startup.
Turn on / off service

        # chkconfig service off

        # chkconfig service on

       # chkconfig smb off

      # chkconfig httpd on

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