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Linux History

                                                         History of linux

Unix  is a Operating System .

Operating System: 
       Operating System is an interface between user and Computer (Hardware). It is the software that manages the computer hardware and provides a convenient and software environment for running programs.
       Operating  System is a collection of system programs, It classified into 2 types
                   1). CUI (Character User Interface)
                           Ex: DOS, UNIX.
                   2). GUI (Graphical User Interface)
                         Ex: WINDOWS, LINUX

   GUI  is user friendly,  CUI  is not user friendly

Now we will discuss about UNIX/LINUX Operating System
      UNIX/LINUX is the most important achievement of Free Software, it has been developed for Business, Education and Personal productivity. It is 100% case sensitive.

History of UNIX:
              The Journey of UNIX Operating System had been started from the project MULTICS (Multiplex Information Computing System) at AT&T (American Teliphone and Telegraph) Bell Labs in the year 1965. The Software Team  Lead by Ken Thomson, Dennis Ritche and Rudd Candy worked on this Project.
              The aim of this Project is to Share the same data by n number of users at the same time.
Intially MULTICS Project was developed for only 2 Users.

In 1969, MULTICS was dropped, because its written 100% Assembly Language.  Based on the same Concept in 1969, UNICS  O/S was developed for 100’s of users.UNICS stands for Uniplexed Information Computing System. It is 80% C-Language and 20% Assembly Language.

In 1973 UNICS Operating System was dropped, because then UNICS Operating System was totally rewritten into 100% C-Language, named it as UNIX.
                              MULTICS   ---------1965 ----100% Assembly Language
                              UNICS        ---------1969----80% C-Language,20% Assembly Language
                              UNIX          ---------1973-----100%  C-Language

  • Now approximately 20 Million Computers running on UNIX, and More tham 100 Million People using these Systems.
  •  The Success of UNIX  many factors are there,  Its Multi User and Multi Tasking nature and its suitability for Networking and its provide more security compare with other Operating Systems.

  •  Many Features are there in UNIX, We will discuss briefly one by one feature of UNIX  in next chapter.   

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