Tuesday, August 20

How to download flash videos on Linux RHEL / CentOS

Download Flash Videos using this script:

This tutorial is very simple. you can just use your terminal to do this. No need of any additional packages and  software. what Login as user u have to do is just open youtube and buffer some any  video fully.

Then open your terminal

Note: This step wont work when u login as root user.

[mahesh@localhost ~]$ ps aux | grep flash

mahesh 4032 17.4 7.0 812836 71460 ? Sl 21:40 17:54 /usr/lib64/opera//operapluginwrapper-native 85 88 /usr/lib64/flash-plugin/libflashplayer.so

4032 is the process id

[mahesh@localhost ~]$ cd /proc/4032/fd

[mahesh@localhost fd]$ ls -hal | grep Flash

lrwx------ 1 mahesh mahesh 64 Aug 15 23:20 12 -> /tmp/FlashXX6ILRNG (deleted)

Copy it (by ID) somewhere else.

[mahesh@localhost fd]$ cp 12 ~/flash.flv

Now you can play that flash.flv file with your vlc media player.

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