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How to Configure NIS on redhat linux and centos 5&6

                               NIS CONFIGURATION 

The Most Two common authentication services are There. 
  1)Network Information Service (NIS) 
  2)Lightweight directory Access Protocol (LDAP).

Both NIS and LDAP allows to manage all users &computer centrally. It works with the help of sunrpc
here passwords are in clear text format. we normally use NFS along with NIS to share users home directories from server to client for security purpose

In Server machine:   (Command Line)

 Step1:    Assign the NIS domain name
                  # nisdomainname
                 # vi /etc/sysconfig/network  (perminently given)
                       Then Save and Quit  :wq!

Step2:   Install the packages (ypserv, ypbind, yppasswdd)
            # yum install yp* -y
             Then restart the services

Step3: Run the Database tool to create Domain Directory
            # /usr/lib/yp/ypinit –m
           # Ctrl+d  (to denay next line)

Configure NFS also:

Step4:  #yum install nfs* -y

           # vi /etc/exports

                /home     *(rw,sync)

            :wq! (save &quit)

         #service nfs restart

In Client Machine:

 Step5: # authconfig-tui  (to set NIS domain name & ip)

           # service ypbind  restart

Step6:  Mount to server system to share home directory

           # mount  <server ip>:/home     /home


To login User:

  [root@server~]# su -  Mahesh

   [mahesh@server~]$  mkdir 1 2 3

To  check users data    ---->   move to  Server Machine

Step7:  To activate new changes  from  Server  to  Client

In Server Machine:

       #useradd   raju

       # passwd   raju

        cd  /var/yp

        make    (to activate)

        In  client  system  try  to login new  user……………..


  1. Portmap service is not running on rhel 6

  2. yes portmap is work in rhel 5 , its not working in rhel 6...


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